When a taxpayer or third party's property is subject to collection action, a Collection Appeal Request Form 9423 can be used to halt the action cold. ...

Comprehensive And Customized Tax Solutions

At Asheville Total Tax Solutions,Inc. We believe that the single most important element in tax practice is through tax research. Good tax practitioners possess good tax research skills.

More often than not, tax practitioners have a tendency to focus solely on tax research tools (i.e., research software or research volumes contained in law libraries) and pay little heed to the steps in research process. Tax research tolls are important. However, steps in the tax research process are responsible for arriving at the best, up-to-date solution to any tax problem. The most important thing that separates the best tax professionals from those that are not the best is the ability of the best to effectively and efficiently research tax issues.

We are At Asheville Total Tax Solutions,Inc.employ the tax research process to provide the best services in the following areas of practice:

  • IRS Representation
  • Tax Planning
  • Pre-trial Litigation Support
  • And other areas

Principal Michael (Mike)Creasman is enrolled to practice before the internal Revenue Service at every administrative level. Creasman believes that tax practice, particular tax problem resolution, should be provided at the local level. Thus, "Asheville" restricts its practice to taxpayers residing in Western North Carolina.